There are many talented people who help make the Windmill Winery the special place that it is – but we all know who really runs the show. Meet the animals who call the Winery home and are always happy to lend a paw, hoof or wing to add their own unique charm to your event.

Harry Garcia, Ellie Mae & Homer are the resident burros at the Winery, who also make the scene as “Beer Burros” for weddings and events. Like all the best bartenders, they’re always there with (very large) listening ears, a friendly smile and a frosty beverage, right when you need it.


When it comes to romantic scenes, there are few things more iconic than riding in a carriage pulled by a majestic white horse. At the Windmill Winery, Lincoln is just the snow-white steed you’ve been dreaming of – and he knows it, which is why he takes pride in his bridal chauffeuring duties. His horseman, Jeff, is a true gentleman who gives commands in German as Lincoln was raised by Amish farmers in the Midwest.

Harry Garcia

Harry Garcia is a full-size burro who was rescued as a wildling from the plains in Oregon. He was adopted through the Wild Horse & Burro Program sponsored by the AZ BLM in conjunction with ACI (Arizona Correctional Industries), where inmates learn the trade of taming horses and burros in a gentle, more humane way. He is truly an old soul and a gentle burro. He was named after our visionary/CEO, Harold, and took the surname of his trainer/inmate Garcia to become known as Harry Garcia. Harry is famous as a wine burro – delivering the perfect glass of Windmill Winery’s finest. He’s also available for photos and nativity scenes around the holidays.

Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae is a miniature burro and a true show girl who loves to get dressed up in her Sunday best to carry a pack with buckets of ice-cold beer at Winery weddings. Guests literally line up to get their photo taken with her (which usually starts the a** jokes).

Jethro Homer

Jethro Homer is our other miniature burro, who has high hopes of graduating to beer burro status one day. His problem is he likes to drink the beer instead of sharing with guests. Jethro is a work in progress!

Tic Toc

Our office tabby cat, Tic Toc, has never missed a Tuesday morning staff meeting, no matter how many weddings we had over the weekend! He’s also the best mouser in the Southwest.

Fuzzy Bear

This long haired gray cat was born and raised on the farm and he is one fine hunter. Fuzz is the one who keeps the gophers out of our beautifully manicured lawns. Bill Murray’s character in Caddyshack would be proud to have Fuzz on his team!


Our orange and white tabby is named after our visionary/CEO’s alma mater, University of Tennessee (yes, their colors are orange & white). UT is a bit pretentious, but a sweetheart of a kitty, who will, on occasion, stop to allow brides to pet her.


Knothead is an old timer tabby who we believe is TicToc’s father. He came with the property when we acquired it in the year 2000 – and he was old then. Maybe cats really do have 9 lives!

Juicy Fruit

Don’t let the gleaming white feathers and long, graceful neck fool you – Juicy may be handsome, but he runs a tight ship. No time for silliness with this goose, he keeps an eye on every detail to ensure that you have a perfect day.


Princess the chicken may have started her life in a box on the side of the road, but once she was rescued by the Winery, she knew it was where she was always meant to be. Her name says it all – beauty, grace and a taste for only the finest things in life (and she expects nothing less for your event!)

Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama is a turkey of many personalities. When he arrived at the Windmill he weighed two pounds. Now as he forages leftovers from the chickens and receives treats from guests, he is tipping the scale at 49 pounds. Tommy is a Bourbon Red, which explains why he likes to hang out at the winery even though we only serve beer and wine (though he has been known to take a nip of red wine on occasion). Ladies should know that he does like bling and is mesmerized by red toe nail polish.

Vladimir & Putin

Vladimir the roadrunner is a recent arrival at the Windmill and enjoys hanging out at the main entry greeting our guests and eating popcorn. Of course, you have to look quickly as he is a busy guy and will scoot off to his next opportunity. His young son, Putin, is also into popcorn and learning how to greet guests. Why the Russian names? Like the rest of the Windmill staff, they always seem to be rushin’ around the property, taking care of business!